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Sleep should always be your top priority. In a world that seems to never stop, with technology that can keep you on the go from morning to night having good quality sleep has never been more important.

Great sleep hygiene can be promoted in many ways. Such as creating a tech free space at least an hour before bedtime; practicing meditation and mindfulness; and completing a regular pre-sleep skin routine.

Another consistent addition to this is burning a candle that will stimulate the feeling of calm and rest to help you get that full and restful 8 hours shut eye. Using this method of relaxation before sleep is something I’m really passionate about and I’ve spent a lot of time researching the very best candles to help with my sleep routine; here are my top 5.

NEOM's perfect nights sleep candle is 100% organic and created with a blend of 100% natural fragrances. These include English Lavender, precious jasmine and sweet basil.


Pelle Naturale sweet dreams hand poured 100% soy candle is created to aid with a restful nights sleep. With a rich blend of essentials oils including cedar wood, lavender, lemon and yang ylang, its exudes calming and relaxing qualities


Jo Malones velvet rose and oud candle will help you retreat into a personal sanctuary with a warm and intoxicating scent of the darkest Damask rose in full bloom.


This Works deep sleep heavenly scented candle is a blend of calming Lavender and soothing Roman Camomile essential oils. This therapeutic fragrance with soothe your senses and increase your inner peace.


The White Company sleep signature candle is hand poured and infused with scents of lavender, clary sage and chamomile. The natural and calming scents work together to quiet the mind and get you ready for sleep.


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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

I will be the first to confess that I LOVE COFFEE. I look forward to my morning coffee far more than I care to admit. I would take a cup of coffee with friends over a glass of wine any day. Over the years I have known plenty of people aim to give up caffeine for “health benefits”. Of course, if you prefer decaf and for any reason find it is healthier for you than I support your choice. But for me I stayed strong with my caffeinated beverages and my love for coffee only grew. Fast forward to the ever-growing skincare market of 2022 and 2023 and the benefits of coffee have now been harnessed to also give us great skin! So, what are the skincare benefits of coffee?

Cellulite reduction: It is thought that the caffeine content in coffee is the key to cellulite reduction by dilating blood vessels beneath the skin and improving overall blood flow. So, the application of coffee-based skin products can help to decrease the appearance of cellulite.

Calming effects: Because coffee contains antioxidants it creates a calming effect on your skin. This is great at helping with inflammatory skin conditions and redness.

Anti-aging benefits: Applying a coffee face mask to your skin may also help to decrease the appearance of sunspots, redness, and fine lines.

Vitamin B-3 for skin cancer:

Coffee is a rich source of vitamin B3 (niacin), thanks to a breakdown of a key compound called trigonelline. Trigonelline breaks down into niacin after coffee beans have been roasted. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, niacin may be helpful in preventing nonmelanoma skin cancers and can possibly prevent other skin growths.

Acne treatment: For wound or frequent skin infections, the regular use of coffee could help reduce problems from harmful bacteria. Coffee in skincare has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Combined with the natural exfoliation of coffee grounds, all these benefits work together to fight acne.

Dark circles: Coffee may also help treat stubborn dark circles under the eyes. This is because the caffeine content in coffee is thought to help dilate blood vessels that contribute to dark circles.

After-sun care: The same anti-aging benefits from coffee can also be used for post-sun care. The key here is to use a soothing treatment that your sunburned skin will appreciate.

One of the best examples I have of using coffee in my skincare routine is my weekly use of a coffee sheet face mask from Pelle Naturale. Alongside my regular cup of coffee that wakes me up in the morning this face mask is also energizing and perfect to use on a lazy Sunday morning, to get you in shape for the working week, or before a night out with loved ones. ​

The mask contains kohhii ekisu (arabica coffee) that energises the skin both lifting and brightening it by increasing the blood flow to your face. With regular use the coffee face mask is a natural way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In just one use you can see the difference by the reduced puffiness and glowing finish.

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Updated: Dec 10, 2022

There is a lot of recent research into the growth of the US skincare market. It has grown tremendously over the past 4 years and that growth is predicted to continue well into 2023 and beyond. Keep reading and learn the secrets behind starting your own successful skincare company. This continuing growth is expected to be driven by the millennial population. That’s right...the millennials may have been called cheugy and suffered through seeing the come back of the ballet pumps, but they are the ones driving the predicted retail spending in the US 2023 skincare and cosmetic market. And there are some interesting reasons behind this, this age group are getting older, so they need to buy and use skincare more than ever. And they have some of the best disposable income rates after the boomers alongside the fact that there are a lot of millennials. Of course, there are the major players in the US skincare market, such as Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal and Proctor & Gamble. These are some absolute giant companies that have seen wild success over the generations. So, the question is how do you get into the skincare business when you’re up against giants like these? There is a heap of skincare business options across the USA, but many, if not all of these, are old and well-established companies, for example Rodan & Field, Mary Kay or Avon. These factors create some issues for anyone wanting to start out in the skincare business. Firstly, well-established companies can often miss key industry trends because they are stuck focusing on the “way it was always done”. Plus, they are also huge! With hundreds of thousands of sales representatives across both the USA and the world it can be impossible for a new business owner to build a fresh client base and sales team. The real key to starting and building a successful skincare business is to find a great company whose products, mission, and community you truly love. Here are our 4 top tips to select the best direct selling, network marketing or affiliate scheme for you in the world of skincare.

1. Look for upcoming skincare trends in 2023

Look for a company that is promoting skincare trends that are set to rise in 2023. Watch out for anyone promoting skincare that uses natural ingredients derived from flowers and plants. Companies that promote gentle skincare and make up minimalism. And a daily skincare routine that contains peptides.

2. Find a new company

Ideally you are looking for new company, but not too new. Look for a company that is still small but has made it through their first year of business. This way you can enter with a ground floor opportunity which will allow you to build a better client base and sales team moving forward. The last thing you want is an oversaturated business when you’re just starting out.

3. Founder support

If the company, you are planning to partner with is less than a year old you should be looking for one that has founder support. The founders of the company should be present in your everyday selling and recruiting life. They should be around to train, answer questions and help you meet your business goals. Talk to some current businessmen and women that already work with the brand and ask how often they speak to the owners or founders of the companies.

4. Great products, great shipping times and great service

Most importantly never forget to sell something you love. Buy the company skincare products and try them out. Do you like them? Do they give you the results that you’re looking for? Can you stand behind them? How was the companies service? How long did the products take to reach you? A skincare business is about quality produce but also about the service that comes with it. Pelle Naturale skincare was founded by best friends Lucy and Nicole and launched in January 2022. Pelle Naturale specialises in creating paraben, sulfate and cruelty free vegan skincare that is the highest quality and comes with great customer service. Just closing their first successful year of business they are always looking for new faces to join their company. Contact them directly to ask any questions about starting your own Pelle Naturale skincare business.

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