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Female Friends


At Pelle Naturale we take charity seriously and as a women-owned enterprise it means so much more to us to be working with the non-profit organization EmpowHERment. 

Same Sex Female Couple


EmpowHERment was formed in 2018 by the founder and Executive Director Ambee Stephens. It was created as an outlet for women to connect, inspire, and support one another. 

Beginning as a virtual platform, EmpowHERment began meeting at local restaurants and coffee shops to discuss various topics that would empower real-life change, inviting experts in different fields to provide education, empowerment, and inspiration.

The first EmpowHERment Community Center opened in Clearwater, Florida in 2020. Since then, the Center has become a catalyst for positive change in the community and beyond. 

Holding Hands


The organizations mission is to empower all women by fostering the skills and resources needed to obtain self-sufficiency in finances, mental/emotional wellness, and the cultivation of relationships. At Pelle Naturale we also strive to work as a family environment to create business opportunities that can improve lives and generational wealth. It is because of these shared missions and beliefs that Pelle Naturale and EmpowHERment have chosen to partner with one another.



From every sale made by a Pelle Naturale affiliate $1 will be donated to EmpowHERment to help create a world free of judgment in which women are empowered, uplifted, and equal partners in society. Together we strive to help all women be the best version of themselves.

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