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how we can help mentor you in growing your business

At Pelle Naturale we want to support you in your skincare business journey. As a member of the Pelle family, you will have access to free training and mentorship that will help you to develop an online presence, build a sales team and grow financially.

Lucy and Nicole are the co-founders, owners and CEO's of Pelle Naturale and are open to speaking with our affiliates on a daily basis. We aim to train all team members to become inclusive leaders so that they are able to support and mentor others in their team. Its all about getting the best out of those that you work with whilst also building your own successful company. For individual team members who are new to affiliate marketing and online selling we also offer monthly subscriptions that will give you access to sales graphics, product discount codes and further training opportunities. 

With Pelle Naturale our mentorship not only helps those who are starting out in the skincare or online business world, but it also helps the company build a culture where friendship and family are at the heart of everything we do.


Our mentorship offers the following:


  • CEO daily direct contact

  • Online training courses

  • Access to affiliate mentorship subscriptions

  • Training videos and manuals

  • Brand conferences and events

  • Monthly incentives & Rewards

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Virtual Team Meeting
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