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Have you ever wondered why cucumber is good for your eyes?

If you have ever wondered why cucumber is good for your eyes, this is where you will find the answer. I have been seeing it used in movies by luxury spas and stressed out moms since I was a little kid. In fact I have used a couple of cucumber slices on both my own eyes and on my husband’s eyes, without ever really understanding why I was. So, until we came up with the concept of the Pelle Naturale brand and our own natural skincare line I did not really understand why the cucumber was used in beauty and self-care routines.

Fast forward to now, after lots and lots of research about exactly which skincare products and ingredients we wanted to have in Pelle Naturale skincare. The cucumber became a key and essential ingredients in one of them. In fact my research inspired me so much about the benefits of cucumber in both my health and skincare routines that I feel like everyone should know about it!

Firstly, did you know that over 28% of all of Europe’s cucumbers are grown in the Mediterranean? That’s right! Spain produces over 90% of all of Europe’s cucumbers because they have the perfect warm sunny climate in beautiful regions such as Almeria and Grenada.

It is important that cucumbers are grown in warm and humid environments because this fruit is made up of 96% water! All that water helps to hydrate your skin and is also full of Vitamin A that helps to boost your immune system and fight off any skin inflammation or infections.

This high water content is exactly why skincare products with cucumber extract as a key ingredient are so important in a daily skincare routine. As our skin becomes dehydrated and dry from the environment, lack of sleep, pollution and of course coffee, cucumber can offer a rehydrating effect. This reduces dryness, redness and puffiness around the eyes and gives you both that fresh look and feeling every day. The research into the use of cucumber around the eyes also shows that regular daily application is an excellent source of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and protects the skin.

With all of this research and information we were inspired to create our own cucumber infused eye cream. In its essence the Pelle Naturale brand is based around the Mediterranean lifestyle and how these active ingredients from this region can benefit both our overall health and our skin. With this in mind we decided that cucumber extract would be a key ingredient in an eye cream product that we made.

At Pelle Naturale we developed our HYDRATE cucumber eye cream that contains both cucumber extract and Vitamin E. Because it contains real cucumber extract it also works as a source of Vitamin C for the delicate skin around the eye area. This real cucumber extract also contains high levels of Vitamin K which reduces those stubborn dark circles by cooling the delicate skin around your eyes. From our research and experience we would always advise that it is applied daily because being rich in Vitamin E it aids in easing the appearance of fine lines.

Of course this is not to mention how great cucumber feels on your eyes both morning and night! Keep your sliced cucumber or cucumber extract eye cream in the fridge and apply when cold. This cooling effect will be instantly relaxing and is also an important part of reducing puffiness and redness both below the eye and above.

Obviously a lot of our research included science. It can seem intimidating for anyone that is not involved in the science world but trust me it is worth the reading. It turns out the humble cucumber is a scientific marvel.

Cucumbers contain an amazing thing called lignans. Never heard of them? Neither had I until recently, but they really are miraculous. Lignans are a large group of low molecular weight polyphenols that are found in plants, seeds, whole grains and vegetables. For the purpose of skincare lignans can reduce inflammation and inflammatory disease. Making them an amazing product to use if you have acne, eczema, psoriasis or even a bad case of sunburn.

Other scientific research shows that cucumber naturally contains the compound silica which benefits skin regeneration linking it to healthy looking and youthful skin. It does this by creating bonds between protein molecules, these are responsible for your skin’s natural ability to retain water, and this level of hydration is critical for skin repair and cell renewal. It is also this that is believed to be the reason that using cucumber products around the upper and lower eye can help to lighten the skin and reduce dark circles.

How can you put all this information into your skincare routine?

Introducing cucumber as an active part of your skincare routine is super easy to do. At Pelle Naturale we recommend this tried and tested routine that can transform dark circles, redness and puffiness around the eyes.

1. Start by keeping your HYDRATE cucumber eye cream in the fridge…it is going to feel amazing when it is super cool and applied around your eyes.

2. Start your routine with a clean face by first using REFRESH rosehip radiance cleanser.

3. Dry your face off gently and apply the RESTORE herbal brightening toner.

4. Apply the gorgeous GLOW Vitamin-C serum and massage into your skin using gentle upward circular motions.

5. Now it is off to the fridge to grab your HYDRATE cucumber eye cream. Using the tip of your middle finger apply a small amount of the cream to both your eye lid and under eye. Very gently pat this into your skin and wait for it to fully absorb.

6. Finally you can finish your routine with either the ENRICH repairing night cream if your routine is in the evening or the RENEW firming peptide cream if it is the morning.

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