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Is an autoimmune disease damaging your skin?

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at around 18 months old. Many physicians believe that Rheumatoid Arthritis appears in someone, seemingly overnight, due to a virus or traumatic injury such as a car accident. But for me they never really knew what happened, there was no record of a virus or other injury it just started one day and never went away.

Now I’m a huge believer in positive manifestation and how our mindset can impact our life. However, even I have to admit that there must be some luck and chance to it all because no 18-month year old can impact their health via a negative mindset. With a lifetime of illness and so many ups and downs that have gone with it I truly believe that a positive belief system will carry you through even the darkest days, whether you find your hope in God, family, the universe, or all of them all at once, knowing in your soul that something better is coming is the only way forward for us all.

Saying all that this doesn’t take away from the fact that we must all take care of our individual lives and health. If you’re an autoimmune kid like me or anyone in your family, you must be educated about the illness and how it can affect everyday life.

Since starting Pelle Naturale skincare, I have been overwhelmed with people asking for advice about the physical and visual impact of autoimmune diseases on their skin. So, today’s blog post is all about educating myself and all the readers about how autoimmune diseases can and will affect skin.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that results in the rapid overproduction of skin cells. This causes the skin cells to become dry and discolored most commonly around the knees, elbows, lower back, and scalp. There are systemic drugs available for the conditions in both pill and injectable form. However, there is also research that shows exfoliants can help. These should not be a physically abrasive scrub but rather products that are helpful to remove scales, allowing moisturizers to work better. A great natural example of this is ascorbic acid which is found in vitamin C, such as the GLOW serum by Pelle Naturale.

Lupus develops when the immune system attacks organs and tissue throughout the body, leading to inflammation. It can often be seen because it causes a butterfly-shaped rash across the nose and cheeks, it can also cause skin lesions after sun exposure. For someone suffering from Lupus their skin can become very sensitive to products, non-vegan or chemical laden products can cause flare ups of rosacea. Helping to both protect and calm the skin it is important to use products that are paraben and sulfate free such as the REFRESH cleanser and the RESTORE toner by Pelle Naturale.

In my experience of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis I have found that some skin issues have developed over the years such as rosacea and other lupus like rashes. When I have a flare up of my illness my immune system is attacking the lining of my joints, leading to inflammation, pain and swelling. There are many prescribed medicines that I take for this such as methotrexate and rituximab, and when my health shows super high levels of inflammation, I have had to take oral and injected steroids. These drug combinations can also lead to dry skin meaning I use frequent moisturizers both day and night, such as RENEW day cream, ENRICH night cream and my personal favourite the PROTECT lip balm by Pelle Naturale. These skincare rituals have helped me to stay calm and positive throughout some very hard times in my life.

The business of Pelle Naturale has also given me the gift of watching a family of skincare enthusiasts grow from the simple wish - to educate people about the benefits of natural skin products in their daily life! If you believe you are suffering with an autoimmune disease and want to discuss any of the skin challenges that go with it, please get in touch. We have an amazing community of people that want to help and support you.

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