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The Mediterranean diet and lifestyle can change your health and skin.

The research is overwhelming…this diet really can be life changing for your mind, body and skin.

One study was done around a group of people who had pre-existing heart disease. They were put on a calorie unrestricted diet following the foods and eating routines of the Mediterranean diet. With no additional exercise the Mediterranean diet alone decreased their chance of developing heart disease by an amazing 30%.

So what do we mean by a Mediterranean diet?

This diet means eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, think locally sourced or frozen if it has to travel far. Oily fish like sardines, smoked salmon and canned tuna in oil in replacement of meat. Wholegrain cereals like Cheerios. And low fat dairy products.

Or you can check out some local Mediterranean restaurants, I’m based in Florida, USA and love the food at Cafesville.

The most important element of the Mediterranean diet is to remember it’s not about one specific food. It’s all about combining healthy food types alongside eating patterns that go with the lifestyle.

For example the Mediterranean diet isn’t about restricting calories like many other diets. It’s focused on eating healthy meals and not snacking on processed foods in between them. One study found that over a 5 year period a group of participants that followed a calorie unrestricted diet lost more weight than those who were on a low fat diet.

Another study found that adding more olive oil to your diet can actually help you lose weight. The Mediterranean diet has also helped people suffering from type 2 Diabetes. Following a diet that is high in olive oil alongside snacking on fruits and nuts can lower your chance of developing type 2 diabetes by around 50%.

When it comes to your skin the Mediterranean diet is just as good! Take the humble lemon, growing on the Amalfi coast of Italy. Lemons have so many skin and health benefits for you:

- They are a great source of Vitamin C. In 1 lemon there is 31mg of Vitamin C. This is 51% of your daily intake!

- Lemons can reduce your risk of heart disease, strokes and blood cholesterol levels

- Pelle Naturale GLOW serum contains Vitamin C which is an essential part of skin health both as an antioxidant and for collagen synthesis. It contributes to photo protection, decreases photo damage, and aids in wound healing.

Vitamin C in your diet can also help to control your weight BUT you would have to eat the lemon whole! Maybe a better alternative is to try either lemon tea or a hot water and lemon. This can also help with your digestion just like a squeeze of lemon on your salad is a great way to boost your digestive system.

Did you know that over 28% of all of Europe’s cucumbers are grown in the Mediterranean? Spain produces over 90% of all of Europe’s cucumbers because they have the perfect warm sunny climate in beautiful regions such as Almeria and Grenada.

Just as with the lemons, cucumbers are excellent for your overall health. They are also amazing for your skin!

In Pelle Naturale Hydrate eye cream there is real cucumber extract. It is important that cucumbers are grown in warm and humid environments because this fruit is made up of 96% water! All this water helps to hydrate your skin and fights off skin inflammation or infections.

The high water content is why skincare products with cucumber as an ingredient are important in a daily routine. As our skin becomes dehydrated and dry from the environment, lack of sleep and pollution, cucumber can offer a rehydrating effect.

Cucumbers aid in reducing dryness, redness and puffiness around the eyes, so you look and feel fresh. The research into the use of cucumber around the eyes also shows that regular daily application is an excellent source of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and protects the skin.

Did you know that rose hips really are the most incredible fruits?! They grow on the wild rose bushes throughout Europe, often found in low areas near mountains and the edges of forests. In Poland alone, there is about 20 wild varieties and their fruits range in color from red, orange, purple and even black.

This beautiful and diverse fruit can be found in the Pelle Naturale Refresh cleanser. The reason this fruit is so important to skincare is that rose hips have more Vitamin C than either lemons or oranges. Usually between 850 to 1200 mg of Vitamin C compared to lemons that have just 30 to 50 mg. Imagine what all that Vitamin C is doing to your skin!

The rose hip oil, when applied directly, can help soothe sensitive, dry and tired skin. This can reduce or even eliminate acne, it also aids in reducing scarring by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood circulation.

Health wise rose hip is recommended for people with stomach ulcers; pregnant women; women who are breastfeeding, people who exposed to stress and the elderly. Regular use of rose hip supplements can also help with illnesses such as arthritis and other chronic diseases.

Finally, honey can be found all over the world and I’m sure we can all agree that it is delicious. But did you know that Spain is one of the world’s biggest producers of honey? This wonder of nature is mostly sugar, and a mix of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc and antioxidants. Its health and skin benefits are almost endless, being so diverse it can be used as a natural sweetener, an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial agent. Such as using honey orally to treat coughs and on your skin to treat burns.

Pelle Naturale created the Heal exfoliating scrub using honey and amber extracts. In the exfoliating scrub, which can be used on both face and body, the honey moisturizes the skin deeply making it ideal for anyone with dry skin. It also acts as a pore cleanser, with antibacterial properties that help to reduce the appearance of blackheads and tighten the skins pores. Honey is also a natural exfoliate leaving your face and body with a brighter and more youthful complexion.

As for your physical health honey works just as many wonders. Adding additional amounts of honey to your diet may reducing your risk of heart disease. It can help to rehydrate you after a stomach flu, relieve anxiety and be used for medical grade wound healing.

The Mediterranean diet really is a lifestyle that can help to change your body and skin health forever. Why not try just one element to focus on and see the amazing results that will follow.

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