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Top Environmentally Aware Tampa Companies

Florida has been a go to destination for generations, being the home of sunshine and Disney how could it not be? But not everyone knows about the Florida’s true gem that is Tampa with its clean beaches that go on for miles, plenty of parties and sport, great restaurants, lush greenery and wildlife, and beautiful areas of redevelopment. Tampa really is the place to be!

Tampa was built by the love that local people and businesses put into it through both sustainability and economic growth. Here’s a list of our top 5 Tampa based businesses that are improving the region and currently recruiting.

1. Better Earth

Better Earth is a company that aims to provide homeowners with a solar system that not

only helps our environment but also their finances and electric bills. And with every solar

installation Better Earth donate to the Givepower Foundation. They are an inspirational

charity that use solar energy to power water filtration devices in developing countries. With

a HQ in Downtown Tampa, Florida is their fastest growing market bringing with them some

great career opportunities for the area.

2. Pelle Naturale

Pelle Naturale is an all-natural skincare company born and raised in Tampa Florida. Their

ethos is to create skincare that is made sulfate, paraben, and cruelty free. Many products

are also vegan. With a friendly and European vibe this new company are making waves in

Tampa. They are also currently recruiting and interested to hear from any local Tampa

skincare enthusiasts.

3. Renaissance Planning

Renaissance Planning is a city planning firm who specialise in using their skilled team to

create simple, elegant solutions that make cities work. This companies urban planning has

directly benefited an area of the transportation industry in Tampa helping to support

economic growth in the region. If you’re a city planner Renaissance Planning have available

roles based out of Tampa Florida.

4. Duckweed Urban Market

Duckweed Urban Market has been serving the people of Downtown Tampa since 2011. They

specialize in providing locally sourced, organic groceries, alongside much-loved luxuries, and

a wide variety of vegan foods. This business supports the local Tampa community by

sourcing local foods, not forgetting that they will deliver to your door!

5. 22 Squared

22 Squared is an employee-owned, independently driven creative agency based in Tampa

Florida. Whilst already working with a host of impressive clients they offer a full service of

creative marketing to all forms of businesses. And if you’re looking to develop your career

with a creative agency, they could be the place for you with roles available in Tampa Florida,

Atlanta Georgia and working remotely.

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Amanda House
Amanda House
Nov 20, 2022

So proud to work alongside this company

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