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What makes Pelle Naturale skincare special?

At Pelle Naturale many of all of products are vegan and all our products are cruelty free. If you choose to follow a vegan diet, you will have a good understanding of why you want to use vegan skincare products and what to look for or avoid. But if you don’t follow a vegan diet, it can be confusing.

Why is vegan skincare important?

Even for none vegans there any many benefits to the Pelle Naturale range of products. Vegan skincare can be beneficial to sensitive skin and related skin conditions. Creators of vegan skincare opt to include many more natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. This can also lead to higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts being included in products that help to promote anti-aging results.

What is the difference between vegan and cruelty free?

Vegan skincare means that the products are created without using ingredients that come from animals, and this includes animal by products. Our products are not all vegan, for example PROTECT the antioxidant vitamin C lip balm contains beeswax which is animal by-product but RESTORE the herbal brightening toner is a fully vegan product containing no animal by-products. However, all our products are cruelty free as they are not tested on animals.

You will also have seen that many Pelle Naturale products are paraben and sulfate free. This is something that is important to the long-term care of your skin, body and overall health. Paraben and sulfate free skincare is something our brand is passionate to provide and educate others about.

What does paraben free mean and why is this important for your health?

Parabens were introduced to beauty, skincare, and hair products around the 1920s, there main purpose was to be a preservative, increasing the shelf life of products. However, over the past decade experts have become aware of the side effects of parabens in skincare. These include causing dermatitis and rosacea. Studies have also shown that a specific paraben called the methyl type increases the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays.

Although small amounts of parabens with occasional use probably will not harm you, consistent use with daily application can cause an accumulation in your body as it is absorbed through your skin. Currently, the FDA doe does not have regulations involving parabens. So, to avoid them it is best to actively choose a brand that has invested in creating paraben free products and markets these to their customers. You can also check labels to be 100% sure. The product should clearly state “paraben free”, “free-from parabens” or “0% parabens”. If it’s not clearly displayed on the brand or packaging, you can also check the ingredients label. The three most common paraben ingredients are methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben. Also, if you see “isopropylparaben” or “isobutylparaben” on the ingredients list it indicates that parabens are present in the product and the word “parahydroxybenzoate” is a synonym for parabens.

What are sulfates and how do they work?

Sufates, also known as sodium lauryl sulfates, sodium laureth sulfate, and ammonium laureth sulfate are cheap cleansing chemicals that many companies use in their skin, hair, and beauty products. Sulfates have been used in products since the 1930s. In this era the use of sulfates revolutionised soap and shampoo by more effectively cleaning and rinsing our bodies and hair in a way that had not been possible before.

Sulfates do a great job of cleaning our skin, but are also full of salt and other chemicals, so people with sensitive skin have trouble when using them. Some research even suggests that sulfate damages the natural fats on your body and can kill the moisture in your skin. Using products that contain these chemicals can strip away the natural oils that keep your skin healthy.

Using the sulfate free Pelle Naturale REFRESH rosehip cleanser can help to restore the natural pH balance that will have been lost with your previous skincare treatment. For people who struggle with irritated or inflamed skin, such as acne, sulfate free products can heal and reverse the damage. Even for those that do not have sensitive skin issues the use of sulfate free skincare products can help reduce the signs of aging by supporting your skins natural oils and pH levels.

Our conclusion – Do you know what you’re putting on your skin?

If you are either interested in preserving healthy and youthful skin or have sensitive skin issues it is important to check the ingredients on the product. Not all skincare products are the same, and many contain ingredients that are best avoided to reduce the risk of irritating your skin. If you aren’t careful, you can end up using potentially irritating ingredients like artificial dyes, fragrances, sulfates, parabens, and animal products in your daily skincare routine. To give your skin the care that it deserves, it’s always wise to stick with clean beauty products.

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Amanda House
Amanda House
Nov 26, 2022

I am so thankful to be using these products!

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