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    If there was ever a duo that went together it would be our REFRESH Rosehip Radiance Cleanser and our RESTORE Herbal Brightening Toner.


    These two products work hand in hand to help smooth, calm and tone your skin on a daily basis.


    1. REFRESH – use your rosehip cleanser to wash away any impurities from outside influences such as day to day pollutants and make up.


    2. RESTORE – apply the herbal brightening toner that includes a key ingredients of witch hazel to tone your skin of redness and blotchiness.


    3. At Pelle Naturale we strongly advice using a gentle day moisturizer or heavier night cream depending on the time of day.


    This bundle includes two full sized products of:

    • REFRESH – Radiance Rosehip Cleanser

    • RESTORE - Herbal Brightening Tonerl


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