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Just like so many others around the world the outbreak of Covid 19 forced both of us to take time off from the working world during 2020 and 2021. Lucy had recently given birth to her first daughter, the beautiful Aria, and Nicole was working from home and isolating due to a chronic illness.

Whilst we stayed home we both had some time to think about what we wanted from our lives after the world regained some normality.


We both knew we did not want to go back to our old jobs in a stressful environment. We wanted to build a future with generational wealth.

We had both always been passionate about skincare and wanted to build a brand based around natural produce and the European Italian lifestyle that we both loved so much. During our many online chats about all our ideas we also talked about the style of business that would best represent us and our story.

We wanted this business to support us in our goals to gain a lifestyle that allowed us to be flexible and relaxed. To support ourselves and families even in times of financial hardship and bad health. Most of all we wanted to share that goal with others. We wanted to help others to build a way of life where they are always free to pursue happiness and harmony.


There are friends, there is family and then there are the friends that become family. 


Since Lucy and Nicole founded Pelle Naturale they have been driven by friendship and their belief in one another. Pelle Naturale is a business for friends who become family and where entrepreneurship, happiness and self-belief are celebrated. 


Lucy and Nicole were inspired to create Pelle Naturale because of their love for the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle and its produce. They came together to develop a skincare line that reflects sunset evenings, the scent of olive gardens and feeling of the warm ocean. 


Whilst aspiring to find their own financial freedom Lucy and Nicole designed Pelle Naturale to also create and support a community of freedom. Offering the opportunity to achieve your dreams. A community of friends building businesses for their future.

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