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JOIN THE family

There are friends, there is family and then there are the friends that become family. 

Do you want to become a Pelle Naturale family member?


At Pelle Naturale we are passionate about great skincare and entrepreneurship.

This business was co-founded by best friends Lucy and Nicole. We believed in each other and now we believe in you.

Currently there are THREE ways you can become a sales affiliate with Pelle Naturale:

1. You can join via an existing affiliate and become part of their team. This will cost you absolutely nothing. That's correct ZERO!

2. If you join via our website, it costs you just $1. You can then work independently or choose which sales team you would like to connect with.


3. You can also join Pelle  Naturale and buy a joining kit for $39.99 (including shipping) In this kit you will receive ONE of each of the following products:

  • Clear cosmetics case

  • Pelle Naturale product guide

  • Collagen & Vitamin E face mask

  • Organic microfiber make up remover pad

  • One FULL sized branded product

What does a Pelle Naturale sales affiliate membership include?


Whether you join for free, for $1 or with a $39.99 joining kit everyone gets treated with the same love and support.

As a Pelle Naturale sales affiliate, you can look forward to:

  • Coaching

  • Training

  • Mentorship

  • Teamwork

  • Zero back-office fees

  • 30% sales commission

  • 30% affiliate discount

  • One time 50% discount on starter kits\Low monthly quotas

  • Cash bonuses & rewards

  • Sales incentives

We want to offer you an amazing business opportunity. You can build your own business and earn money independently on your own schedule and we will be here to support you throughout.

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Staff Meeting


Smiling for the Camera


The benefits of joining Pelle Naturale include generous compensation structure including a lucrative and uncapped commission plan.

Affiliate discount, monthly cash bonuses plus so much more!!

CEO and Company sponsored training, Motivational Sales training videos, Employee Discounts, Friends and Family Discounts

The choice to work flexible hours from home alongside supportive, hardworking team members. Work as often or as little that suits your needs. 

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