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Opt for Natural Skincare: Say No to FDA-Approved Products Packed with Cancer-Causing Chemicals!

Updated: Mar 30

If you're a fan of acne creams, sunscreens, dry shampoos, or hand sanitizers, you might want to take a moment to read this. Recent findings from an independent USA based lab have unveiled a concerning truth about some popular products: they contain benzene, a known carcinogen.

Now, what's benzene, you ask? It's a nasty chemical linked to serious health issues like lymphoma and leukemia, yep that’s right the big C - Cancer. And guess what? It's not just lurking in the air from car fumes or second-hand vape smoke; it's also in many popular FDA approved skincare and hygiene products that you are using daily.

Let's start with acne creams. Benzoyl-peroxide, a common ingredient in many acne treatments, can morph into benzene when exposed to heat. The very thing you're slathering on to zap those zits could be harboring a dangerous secret.

Brands like ProActiv, Clearasil, and even some store brands have been flagged for containing way more benzene than deemed safe. If you've ever tried battling breakouts with these harsh chemical-based products, it might be time to give natural skincare a shot. Not only are natural skincare products gentler on your skin, but they can also be Cancer preventative. Think about it: the best natural skincare goodies are often vegan, sulfate-free, and paraben-free, meaning they're loaded with all the good stuff and none of the junk. From soothing botanical extracts to acne-fighting essential oils, natural skincare can help calm inflammation, balance oil production, and unclog pores without causing irritation or long-term damage or harm.

Acne creams aren't the only offenders. Sunscreens, dry shampoos, and hand sanitizers have also been caught with their benzene-laden pants down. Spray

sunscreens and after-sun lotions from popular brands like Garnier and Neutrogena, dry shampoos from Batiste to Pureology, and hand sanitizers from

Art naturals to Born Basic - they've all been implicated.

How did this happen? Well, it seems benzene sneaked into the party during the manufacturing process. Whether it's impurities in the supply chain or purification methods gone wrong, the result is the same: products meant to keep us clean and safe may actually be putting our health at risk.

Brands are recalling products, but this action may to too little too late, the damage may have already been done. So, what can you do? At minimum you

can take action by keeping an eye on cosmetic merchandise recalls, but it maybe time to consider alternatives or better still totally get rid of these dangerous products. We advise that you simply throw away products where you are struggling to understand the product content or that you are anxious about and replace them with natural toxin free options.

Remember, your health is worth more than big brand names. Stay informed, stay safe, and always read the labels - because you never know what might be lurking inside your favorite products.

This subject also brings about greater questions regarding the USA healthcare industry. Why are possibly dangerous and harmful products allowed to be sold throughout North America? Who gains from your illness?

The issue of healthcare in the USA is complex and multifaceted, and opinions on this matter do vary. However most trustworthy individuals and groups argue that elements of the privatized healthcare system prioritize profit over people's well-being.

In the privatized healthcare system, there are certainly aspects that incentivize profit-making, such as pharmaceutical companies' pricing strategies, insurance companies' profit margins and the sale of potentially dangerous cosmetics and skincare products with the support of the FDA. This can sometimes lead to concerns about whether the system as a whole is truly focused on promoting overall health or prioritizing financial gain.

When it comes to skincare, opting for toxin-free choices is undeniably the way to go. By choosing products free from harmful chemicals, you're safeguarding your health and well-being by nourishing your skin with natural cosmetics. Making the switch to toxin-free alternatives is a small yet significant step towards a healthier, happier you.

So, let's commit to embracing the power of nature and prioritizing products that promote personal long-term wellness. Your body will thank you for it!

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